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CMM 4E's Focus

What is Autism and the ASD Diagnosis -

General overview of the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as some of the basic interventions and treatments. Also, general information on getting the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis, including social workers and Head Start programs, as well as information on local, state and national resources. Finally information will be provided on finding the right doctor and managing medical appointments.

Education & IEP Basics –Information on Individualized Education Program process and how to prepare and advocate for school age children on the ASD. Also information in working with educators to better train them on ASD.

Support Programs – Information on therapy and support programs in local communities, such as:

Therapy Programs - These programs include: performing and fine arts classes, music classes, special needs sports, robotics teams, horticultural and vocational programs, cooking classes, camps, workshops, educational series and conferences.

Social Programs - These programs include: teen/adult gatherings, holiday events, family picnics, swim parties, sensory friendly films, field trips, parties and clubs.

Family Programs – These programs include: Siblings support groups, marriage and divorce support, grandparent’s network and safety.

The Transition to Adulthood (Vocational

Programs and Continuing Education) - Information on the transition process, including vocational programs, continuing education programs and assisted living options. It offers practical information on how to prepare for the IEP transition plan and how to prepare your child for his or her future as an adult.

CMM will support and publicize this program through its website, its CMM network, speaking engagements and media outreach.

CMM Education & Awareness Program

One of CMM’s major activities will be around brining awareness to autism in the African American and Latino communities. Lack of education about ASD is in large part one of the significant barriers that leads to the diagnosis disparities for children in these communities.

Colored My Mind exists to Educate, Enlighten, Empower and Encourage (the “4 E’s):

Educate - assist in the recognition and early diagnosis for children with Autism.

Enlighten - disseminate knowledge regarding resources, interventions, modification and accommodations available for Autistic children and adults.

Empower - parents to become advocates...

Encourage - be a beacon of light and source of hope for families.

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